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In the Dueling Unit we are prepared and willing to help you in your grieving process.

Institutional Conference on surviving after the loss of a loved one

This is a space where the generalities of the grieving process are exposed and the possibility of clarifying the doubts that arise when a loss is experienced is offered.

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3° Audiovisual Festival: Life in short films, the heart through the lens

3° Audiovisual Festival: Life in short films, the heart through the lens

Join us this coming September 10 in the celebration of our 3rd Audiovisual Festival. Sign up at the following link: https://acortar.link/AVtX5Q



comillasopen All the attention and treatment of the mourners is special. I greatly appreciate the support of the entire team of psychologists, thank you for being a human team willing to serve the community and to whom it is requested. comillasclose

Maria José Álvarez Vélez


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